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December Results January 2018 Races

Event name  Barrow Park Run
Date  01.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Ray Gill 5 M50 19.59
Dawn Gill ? W50 27.22

Event name  Langdale xmas pud 10k
Date  01.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Martin Gardiner 79 M40 44.46 608  XP10
Karen Wallbank 225 WV50-13 52.02

Event name  Hoad Hill 10K Pudding Run
Date  03.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Peter Sandford 56 MV60 42.41 302  H10
Ray Gill 67 MV55 43.73

Event name  Lancaster Park Run 5K
Date  09.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Tyron Lewis 34 MV50 23.17 209
Grace Leedham 49 WV45 24.24
David Nichols 88 MV35 27.09
Marian DeSilva 100 WV55 27.54

Event name  Amalfi Positano Wine Trail Race Day 1 13.7 mile 7858' climb
Date  09.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
David Griffin 5 MV55 4th 3.17.50 30
Event name  Amalfi Positano Wine Trail Race Day 2 11.2 mile 5700' climb
Date  09.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
David Griffin 5 MV55 4rd 2.29.44 25
Provisional result officially 3rd male overall over both days.

The Italian Job!!!

If music be the food of love, running in Amalfi must be food for the soul……

What a fantastic 2 days of racing that was! Beautiful scenery, tough runnable course, great organisation and I have met some really nice people, what’s not to like?

Winter holds little running enjoyment for me, it’s always a mental fight to get myself out running in some meaningful way so, when I saw a promotion for the Amalfi Positano Wine Trail Race my imagination and appetite was well and truly whetted!

 I’ve never raced abroad before so I was full of apprehension as to how fit I needed to be and how was I going to navigate around the course (have you seen Italian maps!!)  so, weeks of map studying and buying a satmap GPX device was going to have to do. I also hoped to do a little recceing when I arrived at Furrore, where I was staying.

Arriving at Naples filled me full of apprehension, have you ever driven in Italy!! Have you ever driven in Naples!!!

The next day was to be a recce day. Having looked at the map and web site I set off to find the start of the race and walk the first few miles, 3 hours later I hadn’t found the start, even after googling the start area, frustration and foreboding set in.

Italian wine is great for putting things back into perspective. I found the start on day two, to much relief, and decided to have a jog round day one course. Well, why had I worried about getting round! After about 2 miles I had learnt to follow the red spot markers and tape!

I have never experienced a training run like this one. The further round the course I got, the more I wanted to go further, the views!! Wow!! The mild climate!! It was all falling into place. The only worry was the drops on the side of some of the paths, narrow with 1000’ shear drops. Brown trouser routes!

Saturday, the weather has changed to light rain and freezing cold wind, yuk. At the start I bumped into Ben Mounsey and Kirsty Hall and relayed, what I hoped would be, valuable info about the route and to be aware of the freezing conditions on the exposed high points.

Months of anticipation and excitement came together on the start count down, 3 2 1 ….. We’re off! The first climb came almost immediately, in the park. I counted where I was in the race, 5th, I started to wonder how far back I would go.

After about two miles I was on my own on a long climb, the sun shone and I was getting too hot!! December hey! I looked like I was in for a tan!! After I whipped off a layer I was caught by fellow runner Sean, we stayed together for most of the race.

Once off the high point of the race and, after about a 3,000’ climb, came the technical downhill bit, loose rock, semi scree, it was like running on marbles but we had to keep pushing onwards after all we were 5th and 6th and both quite confident on keeping these positions.

Heart stopping, is the way to describe running along the Path of the Gods, to the left sheer cliffs, to the right shear drops, not a place for heroic running! But WOW! The views!!

Not long after the Path of the gods the final uphill, about 100 steps, on dead legs it’s nearly impossible to get up them but, get up them you must, thankfully afterwards it was only a short distance to the finish.

Arriving at the finish was fantastic, especially after I found out I was 5th!! At the finish I was greeted by Ben and Kirsty, 1st and 3rd, team GB first!!!! LOL It was then off to the pasta party and then back for an early night.

Sunday, I arrived at the start and met up with Kirsty, as Ben was racing in Amalfi (and went on to win!) I thought she was in with a damn good chance of an outright win.

Off we went, legs a bit tired and having set off at a steady pace I started to go backwards in the field, Oh no!! I tried to up my pace but to no avail, it wasn’t looking good. 1 mile in, my legs found a renewed vigour and off I went. I had been keeping a count as to my position and was soon back up to 5th!

Having not recced  the course it was all new running, after the first 2 miles, we were running down, steep down, to a church, this church must have had about 2000 steps leading up to it! Fortunately we were going down but Oh how it jarred the hips and knees.

Once down this steep bit it was along to the Fjord, a most stunning inlet from the sea


After this spectacle it was about a 3000’ climb up and up and up!! Towards the top I managed to get close to the runner who finished 2nd in my sights unfortunately once at the highest point he managed to pull away from me, at this point my legs were giving out and the last couple of miles were a real struggle. Just as I thought the race would never end I came to the starting park!! Crickey!! I mentally picked myself up and sprinted(?) for the finish, 5th again!!

Well what a weekend that was. 3rd male overall, possibly first old git but I didn’t get that prize!!

Day 1 Ben Mounsey 1st Kirsty Hall 3rd David Griffin 5th.

Day 2 Kirsty Hall 3rd David Griffin 5th

Prizes David Griffin 3rd male

            Kirsty Hall 1st Lady

 Would I do it again? OOHH YESSSS 

Event name  Lancaster Park Run
Date  09.12.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Grace Leedham 37 WV45 24.51 203  LPR
Marian DeSilver 93 W55 28.04
Karen Wallbank 94 W50 28.05
Event name  Fell Foot Park Run
Date  09.12.2017 Category Overall Position Time No's starting Full Results
Richard Simpson MV60 95 28.03 154  
Richard Simpson MV60 126 28.05 243  
Richard Simpson MV60 117 27.21 233  

January 2018 Races

Its the start of the Kendal Winter League!!! lets have a good show from Dallam. We have some great runners we can get great results!!

Nine Standards Fell Race

  • Date & time: Mon 1st Jan 2018 at 12:00
  • Country: England
  • Region: North Pennines
  • Category: BM
  • Distance: 12.9km / 8m
  • Climb: 549m / 1801ft
  • Venue: Market Square, Kirkby Stephen.
  • Grid ref: 775088
  • Skills & experience: ER, PM, LK, NS
  • Minimum age: 18ndards Fell Race
  • Clear out the lungs with this great race

    Fancy a Challenge?
    TRIGGER used to be the Marsden to Edale race or Tanky's trog. I have run this quite a few times. It's tough but rewarding. Be aware that it will run in snow, fog gales etc, Not for the faint hearted!

  • Date & time: Sun 14th Jan 2018 at 08:30
  • Country: England
  • Region: Peak District
  • Category: AL
  • Website:
  • Distance: 33km / 20.5m
  • Climb: 1650m / 5413ft
  • Venue: Marsden Cricket Club, HD7 6NN.
  • Grid ref: SE044106
  • Skills & experience: ER, LK, NS
  • Minimum age: 18

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