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October Results-November Races

Hodgson Brothers Relay 01.10.2017
Leg 1  time/pos Leg 2 time/pos Leg 3 time/pos
Vicky Kirkwood 00.58.26 Ray Gill 01.16.12 Tyrone Lewis 01.02.31
Grace Leedham 62 Andrew Stores 68 Andy Bryon 53
Leg 4 time/pos
Dave Nichols 00.59.31
Steve Jeffs 63
Great effort from team Dallam in rather unpleasant conditions!
Event name  Lancaster Park Run
Date  07.10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Grace Leedham56VW4524.59
Colin Hewitt100MV5528.10
Isabella Benson164JW1031.28
Marian DeSilver170VW5531.45

Langdale Horseshoe;.
Tough conditions for todays race which was won by Carl Bell in 2.12.00. Quite a few runners decided to add a few miles to the route although, I suspect, not by choice!!  Well done to Andy Bryon, Paul Stocks, John Leech and Wendy Dodds, finishing in that order
Event name  Langdale Horseshoe 12.5miles 4600 climb
Date  07.10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Andy Byran 104 MV40 3.33.01 366  LHFR
Paul Stocks 291 MV50 3.53.39
John Leech 295 MV50 3.56.32
Wendy Dodds 305 W60 3.59.02

Race Report by Paul Stocks

Quite deservedly a Lakeland classic, this race has everything -quad busting climbs, fast grassy descents, rock climbing and bogs.......lots of bogs ! 
The first ascent to Stickle tarn and checkpoint 1 is brutal but once you wade across the ghyll it is a quick canter to the rear of Pavey Ark and another climb to checkpoint 2, Thunacar Knott. This is where it gets interesting because before you lies Martcrag Moor, a god-forsaken place at the best of times but today it is diabolical. An ill judged manoeuvre by this competitor earned him a plunge into an infinity pool which thankfully failed to suck me under - blind panic is a wonderful motivator !
Running faster to try and warm up and Black Crags are soon upon us I pointed out the fact to those around me that this is the view seen on the closing credits of Countryfile but no-one seemed impressed. The climb up to Esk Hause is impeded now by a strong wind and very icy rain but as soon as you leave this Checkpoint, runner's trod takes you under Esk Pike to Ore gap. This so far was the most precarious part of the race, a narrow path interspersed with slippy rocks, gushing streams and deep muddy puddles. Fortunately the weather was now on our backs and Bow Fell, Checkpoint 4, soon appears. A slippy descent to 3 Tarns and a nifty racing line takes you to Long Top, Checkpoint 5. The decision now is which route to take, fortunately having marshaled this many times I knew the little trod around Bad Step so onwards and down to Red Tarn trying not to look at Pike of Blisco  looming up in the distance. The unrelenting misery of a climb to Checkpoint 6 and what then I thought would be the easy descent back - how wrong was I ? Tired legs and incredibly slippy, muddy ground are not good bedfellows, I was entertained by the pirouettes, somersaults and quite frankly awesome displays of windmilling I have ever seen. One competitor decided to slide down a substantial slope on his back a la luge style. Checkpoint 7 and the relative sanity of a quick jog back down a path to the finish. 
If you haven't done this race I implore you to give it a go, excellently organised and marshalled and it will leave you grinning from ear to ear for days afterwards

Event name  Four Passes 19ish miles ???climb
Date  14.10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Mike McKenna73.46.00
Andy Bryan204.13.00

Martin Gardiner 24 4.15.00
Pedro 'Top Dog' Gardiner 24 4.15.00
Tyron Lewis 47 4.37.00
Kel Richardson 170 5.13.00
Pedro comes in 1st, after finishing controversy!!!

Sunday 15th October 2017 - Llanberis
Well Done Teams Dallam!!!
A great result from both teams at the FRA relays. Both the men's and women's teams turned in great performances at this prestigious national event. At one point it looked as though the women's team may just beat the men, but in the final leg Mark Bell turned in a super run to bring victory for the men. 
Provisional results (probably final)
Tom Harkes 1.57.33 (93rd)
John Wallbank. Ray Gill 1.56.15 (127)
Steve Jeffs, John Leech 2.32.12 (144)
Mark Bell 0.58.31 (109)
Overall finish place 125
Marian DeSilver 1.36.04 (177th)
Jenny Lyon, Sue Goodfellow 2.12.58 (160)
Grace Leedham, Debby Copley 2.25.07 (130)
Vicky Kirkwood 1.05.13 (145)
Overall finish place 162

Event name  Manchester half Marathon 13.2 miles
Date  15.10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Richard Jarvis 2784 2.00.14  7580  MHM

Event name  Berlin Marathon
Date  .10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Greg Tagney 10977 MV65 3.48.53

Event name  Yorkshire Storm Brian Ultra!! 50K
Date  21.10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Mike McKenna
4.25.00 29

Event name  Snowden Marathon
Date 28 .10.2017 Overall Position Age position Time No's starting Full Results
Kel Richardson 390 W- 40
Chip time
 2220  SMAR
Dave Nichols TBC M ?    
Full results to follow

Fell Races
Sat 11th Nov Dunnerdale

Date & time: Sat 11th Nov 2017 at 12:00

  • Country: England
  • Region: Lake District
  • Category: AS
  • Website:
  • Distance: 8km / 5m
  • Climb: 550m / 1804ft
  • Venue: Blacksmiths Arms, Broughton Mills.
  • Grid ref: 223905
  • Skills & experience: ER, PM, LK, NS
  • Minimum age: 17

  • A testing but not too hard and, easy navigation. A pie at the finish and a great pub afterwards, what's not to like!!

    Sat 19th Nov Arnside Knott

  • Date & time: Sun 19th Nov 2017 at 12:15
  • Country: England
  • Region: Lake District
  • Category: BM
  • Website:
  • Distance: 10km / 6.2m
  • Climb: 330m / 1083ft
  • Venue: Hollins Farm, Far Arnside, Cumbria, LA5 0SL
  • Grid ref: 452765
  • Skills & experience: PM, NS
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Our club race!! Help out and run. The ones that train on the Tuesday sessions will have a great advantage here!!! see above.

    Sat 25th Nov Kirkby Moor

  • Date & time: Sat 25th Nov 2017 at 11:00
  • Country: England
  • Region: Lake District
  • Category: BM
  • Website:
  • Distance: 10.5km / 6.5m
  • Climb: 490m / 1608ft
  • Venue: Beckside Village Hall, Kirkby in Furness, Cumbria.
  • Grid ref: SD235823
  • Skills & experience: LK, NS
  • Minimum age: 18

  • Kirkby Moor is a fast local race over rolling moorland: a mixture of heather, sheep tracks and the access tracks for the wind Turbines. It’s not that high or steep, so a good race for beginners and road runners, but some parts are still quite hard going and navigation on the moor can be very interesting in the November fog. I've raced this a few times now and will be there again!

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